Eagle In The Afternoon

Sunday afternoon I spotted this bald eagle standing in a pine tree along side the marsh area. I suspected it would not sit still in that tree for very long and I was right, within just a few minutes it jumped out and was gone. I was all set to grab some shots as it took off from the tree, but unfortunately the eagle banked hard to the right and after getting this third shot my only view was the back of it’s wings and it’s white rump. I was glad to have the opportunity to see this magnificent bird regardless of whether I got flight shots or not because any day you see a wild bald eagle out in nature is a good day. 🙂 

Bald Eagle in Pine Tree

Bald Eagle in Pine Tree

Bald Eagle in Pine Tree

53 thoughts on “Eagle In The Afternoon

    • Thanks very much Steve, glad you like these eagle pics. I know what you mean about the experience, last Friday I saw an eagle chasing an osprey that had a fish. The eagle got the osprey to drop the fish and the eagle snagged it in mid air. All of this was too far off for good photos but very cool to witness as a spectator.

  1. Beautiful bird, and you did get some good shots. Its wind-ruffled feathers in the first one make it look a little wild! I agree that bald eagle sightings make one’s day. Are they uncommon in your area?

    • Deb, bald eagles are not extremely uncommon here, an isolated individual or a pair can potentially be seen at almost any time of year, but that is only a possibility. Plus seeing one fairly close is a real treat!

    • I was very happy to see this bird but wish it would have cooperated by giving me some nice flight shot opportunities. Oh well, guess I can’t complain too much, plus I’ll get him next time.

  2. I can’t believe: You photograph alligators and spoonbills and a bald eagle escaped you on departure? 😛

    But the three photographed images are very beautiful!

    • I’m fairly certain this is one from the pair we had in the area last winter and spring. We see two and they are sitting in the exact same trees and behaving the same as when last in our area. Hope they stick around.
      Thanks, glad you liked these!

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