It Must Be Love

So what is love? Maybe having someone to goof around with and just be silly? Maybe having a mate with a good sense of humor that appreciates your jokes? It could be that special someone who is happy to give you a nice place to rest your head? It may be someone that is just like you, who really enjoys having you around all the time to share life’s adventures.

In any case, when I was watching a bunch of wood storks in a pine tree last week these two stood out. I quickly realized they were not fussing and arguing with each other as is typical wood stork behavior when everyone is trying to get the best branch. This pair were clearly in love…

Wood Storks In Love

Wood Storks In Love

Wood Storks In Love

Wood Storks In Love

Wood Storks In Love

Wood Storks In Love

Wood Storks In Love

Wood Storks In Love

80 thoughts on “It Must Be Love

  1. Awww…so sweet!! Wonderful interraction of the woodstorks!! Mostly I see them all by their lonesome swishing around for food rather than romancing their mate so this is a sweet treat!!

  2. That’s so sweet AND cute. And I never really thought I’d be saying wood storks make me go ‘aww,’ either…kinda like I now think gators are handsome because of you. Love these photos, as you really captured their love!

  3. I love these photos! For some reason, I love looking at and watching the wood storks at HBSP. They aren’t the most beautiful birds, but they sure make up for it with their gracefulness!!

    • I’m very happy to hear you say that it means a lot to me. I was quite surprised when I saw this behavior and I almost didn’t keep an eye on them but glad I choose to stick around to see and photograph this behavior.
      Thanks for the kind words!

      • Tee hee, honeymooners. Curious about the time of year and breeding-like behavior. Here in New England, some of our Great Blue Herons are sporting long breeding plumes again. Migration isn’t that far off. They stil have the dark non-breeding upper beak coloring. Maybe they are gearing up for being ready to breed shortly after migrating south? Maybe they’re just confused, like me?

        • This started off being an odd year for us here and continues now. The weather patterns seemed to throw all sorts of sightings and behaviors all out of whack. The Spring was weird with some birds here that shouldn’t be, and others that should be were not here. Many of us are a bit confused. 🙂

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