The Fish Were Jumping Last Night

Yesterday evening I only had a few minutes to spare so I took a quick trip over to see if anything was going on in the marsh. Well Mr. Alligator was in the salt marsh at low tide and he really had everything all stirred up! He had the small fish and the tiny glass shrimp jumping (for their lives) all over the place. Even though most of his dinner consisted of this small marine life, if he scoops up enough large mouthfuls he gets full.

When I was leaving he had calmed down, (which meant the entire area was calmed down) and he was giving me this cute innocent little face which might have worked except I saw what he had been up to!

Alligator Fishing in Salt Marsh

Alligator Fishing in Salt Marsh

Alligator Fishing in Salt Marsh

Alligator Fishing in Salt Marsh

Alligator Fishing in Salt Marsh

Alligator Fishing in Salt Marsh

40 thoughts on “The Fish Were Jumping Last Night

    • He was mostly concentrating on scooping up mouthfuls under the water and then he would lift his face up a bit and start chewing. That’s how I always knew he caught a bunch. If he catches a crab or big fish that’s when he will lift his head way out of the water and chew with his mouth open which of course provides the best action shots. 😀

  1. I wonder if any of his potential quarry lie low when he is about and thus have a better chance to survive. Or maybe that’s not even possible in shallow water. I would think as a fish it would be hard not to be drawn into the commotion! Love the photos!

    • He kind of has a captive audience since he is feeding in what essentially becomes a landlocked pool at low tide. How the alligators know when low tide is, since they can’t see it, remains a mystery to me.
      So I think it’s whatever fish manage to escape being eaten are just lucky that particular day.

    • Ha ha I guess we will have to go with an implied halo there, because you are right, that’s what should be floating above his head in the last photo. Well at least to hear him tell it anyway… I’m betting the little fishies have a different tale to tell. 🙂

  2. Wow, the contrast here : all that excitement and movement and noise and then, suddenly, the complete silence in the last photo. With only that one last fading circle as evidence. The reflection in the water is perfect, Phil.

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