Time To Leave

One evening last week I watched this young spoonbill leave the salt marsh and fly off in front of the pine trees on it’s way to roost for the night… 

Evening Spoonbill Flight

37 thoughts on “Time To Leave

    • I usually try to get birds flying in front of trees, or reed grass, or water, since I prefer that over open blue sky shots. But the birds don’t always fly where I can get the best shots. Apparently my photos are not their primary concern if you can imagine that.

  1. What a sweet guy. Background is beautiful in contrast with the pinks. Really shows the detail in the wings, his legs, and down to his expression — which, to me, looks simultaneously wistful and anticipatory. (Anthropormorphizing again….)

    • Well I anthropomorphize constantly, which I guess you can tell from many of the interactions I describe along with whatever thoughts and feeling I suspect the wildlife are displaying. But that’s the fun in it too. 🙂
      My favorite setting for the pink spoonbills is to capture them flying against green trees or reed grass, I feel they stand out well against that color.
      Thank you for looking and commenting and I’m glad you enjoyed this photo.

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