He’s Still Here!

Well at the risk of boring everyone with yet another series of our favorite solitary spoonbill, I felt compelled to post these photos today. We hadn’t seen Mr. Grumpy in a couple of days and I began to get concerned that perhaps he had left us to spread joy and cheer at a different marsh. So last night we went out hoping to see our cranky friend but what we initially saw instead was a few juvenile spoonbills in the salt marsh. However, when we saw one spoonie and one spoonie only, fly into the pond we suspected it could be our resident loner and sure enough it was!

Once we got into a location with a good view of him that’s when the fun started. It’s possible he missed us too because he began to put on a show unlike anything I had ever seen. He kept raising up his wings and prancing around in all directions making sure everyone had a great look at his bright pink plumage. He walked forward, then turned and walked back. He walked to the right, then turned and walked to the left, all the while in full display mood. What made the entire event more remarkable was that it all happened as the sun was setting which at times cast a warm red glow on the bird making him even brighter then usual. Toward the end he looked back at me as if to say…”are you getting this?” I would have been happy to pay admission to this show! 

Spoonbill in Marsh Pond at Sunset

Spoonbill in Marsh Pond at Sunset

Spoonbill in Marsh Pond at Sunset

Spoonbill in Marsh Pond at Sunset

Spoonbill in Marsh Pond at Sunset

Spoonbill in Marsh Pond at Sunset

Spoonbill in Marsh Pond at Sunset

Spoonbill in Marsh Pond at Sunset

73 thoughts on “He’s Still Here!

  1. He really is a showman. I think he knows he is very pretty, but I wonder if he will ever get a mate being so grumpy. All the girls must be talking about him. Your photos will make him proud, oops, he already is proud of himself I think.

    • Oh I definitely think he knows how amazing he looks. I have seen him act like this a few times now and for no reason I can see other then to show off. I have been watching spoonbills for five years now and this is a unique individual for sure.

  2. Saw your reply to one of my comments that he was back. Beat a quick path to you guys’ blog and was so thrilled to see these beautiful images. The sun on his coloring is gorgeous! Along with Mr. A., I think Alpha Spoonie is favorite. No way could shots like these ever be boring! 🙂

    • I’m so happy you came back to view yet another installment in the life of our resident cranky pink show off!
      Glad you are not tired of seeing the photos, I can’t help myself when I see him I just have to snap more pics!

      • It’s so great for you guys to see him in person. So not tired of seeing him. The more the better. Can’t get over how his machismo comes through in the photos!

  3. Oh Phil, these are something else! I think he can be forgiven anything, when he looks like that! I love the last one in particular, because he looks quite coy (unusual for him!).

    • Thanks a million for looking and commenting Larry, I really appreciate it and I’m glad you liked these photos!
      Sorry to hear you have alack of activity in your marsh right now. We are hit and miss here.

  4. What a gorgeous bird. I am birder and have only seen one or two in the wild and that was many years ago. My hubby and I travel to Florida for two months during the winter and I would love to first see them and second to be able to take a few shots. Your photography is wonderful! I love all the images, but really enjoyed the last image of him looking back. So many wonderful and different expressions of their behavior. Beautiful images!!

    • I am so glad you enjoy the spoonbill photos, they are very interesting and unique birds and we really love watching and photographing them. I hope you get to see some soon. If you can get to the Myrtle Beach SC area now I bet I can show you some. 🙂 In fact I’m heading out later today to see if I can find them again.

  5. Phil, these are stupendous photos ! The warm glow on his already wonderful pink plumage is just stunning. And the look he gives you in that last photo … Are you sure it’s a “he” ? That really is a “May West Look”. 🙂

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