The Lazy Gator

Earlier this week a young alligator was floating around in the salt marsh and I was surprised to see him not wildly sloshing after the fish like they normally do. This one just seemed to be taking it easy, gliding in and around the dried reeds and enjoying a relaxing swim. He did make a few minor grabs at some fish and swallowed a bunch at one point but I knew what he was doing, he was employing the lazy gator method of fishing. He would lay there with the bottom portion of his mouth open under the water and if some poor unfortunate fish happened to swim in well… that was fine, but this boy was not going to put a lot of effort into it at all. 

Alligator Fishing in Salt Marsh

Alligator Fishing in Salt Marsh

Alligator Fishing in Salt Marsh

Alligator Fishing in Salt Marsh

Alligator Fishing in Salt Marsh

30 thoughts on “The Lazy Gator

    • That is quite possibly indeed the case Sylvia! These guys are very good at laying around but also very good at decoying their intentions. Is he too lazy to jump you? You have to get close to find out. 🙂

    • Oh that is 100% true Becky. An alligator could be dozing with no intention of hunting for a meal, but some poor bird or animal walks across his nose and he wakes up very quickly! 😯 🙂

  1. The third photo has a little bit of ostrich (head stuck in the sand in order not to be seen). Don’t you think?

    He really looks very lazy! 😛

  2. You can really tell the difference between the younger ones, and the fully-grown ones (like Mr. A). This guy is almost “soft” looking! He looks like he’s learning how to get by without having to work too hard. 😉

    • Yes you can indeed see many differences between the youngsters and the grizzled veterans. This guy may not have been paying enough attention to his mom when she was having Feeding Lesson Day. But… he did get this far so he must be doing something right. 🙂

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