Dinner Rudely Interrupted

Last night in the salt marsh the always entertaining snowy egrets were among the birds feeding at low tide. At one point the snowy on the left had just pulled a small fish out of the shallow pool of water and was in the process of eating it when he got jumped from behind by a jealous competitor. Trying to run and swallow while being chased by an angry, fluffed up aggressor is no fun for sure, but so it goes in the snowy egret world where every meal is a potential adventure! 

Snowy Fight in the Salt Marsh

Snowy Fight in the Salt Marsh

Snowy Fight in the Salt Marsh

Snowy Fight in the Salt Marsh

Snowy Fight in the Salt Marsh

Snowy Fight in the Salt Marsh

Snowy Fight in the Salt Marsh

26 thoughts on “Dinner Rudely Interrupted

  1. The one is a male, and the other a female. No wonder that they envy the food! But no matter what they do: They always look elegantly. Don’t you think?

    Great shots again, Phil!

  2. Superb sequence once again. Pretty much the same variety of birds (other than that Clapper Rail), but never boring! Throw in Mr A and you keep ’em coming back for more…. 😉

  3. That’s rather rude behaviour, but obviously those egrets don’t live by the same etiquette that we do. Imagine if we did that in a restaurant, because our food hadn’t arrived and we fancied what the guy on the next table had got. 😀 Wonderful sequence of pics again, Phil.

    • Actually that sounds a bit like some of the tourists at one of our local Myrtle Beach buffets Sylvia. 😯 😀
      Thanks very much and I’m happy you enjoyed our snowballs behavior. 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos, Phil! I love the contrast between the snowy white of the birds’ feathers and the sky-reflecting, muddy wetness of the background. Great story, too. 🙂 Those, birds…they’re just like little kids!

  5. It’s amazing to me how many beautiful and quite different shots of their wings you got. They are absolutely gorgeous birds, and it’s so great when you can show us things – like these wingspreads – that we never get a chance to see ourselves, just because we can’t “stop” the action.

    It’s always a treat to see your photos. I can’t imagine ever getting tired of them. 😉

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