Mr. A’s Morning Nap

Monday morning after our good friend Mr. A glided over to say hi to me, I watched as he swam over to a nearby small piece of land that is sticking up from the marsh pond. I knew immediately what his plan was. Cloudless sky, perfect light breeze, and nice warm temps all combine to create the perfect conditions for a pleasant morning nap in the sun for the big guy.

The more I thought about it I quickly realized that at least someone around here knows what they’re doing…what a life he has! 

Big Bubbas Morning Nap

Big Bubbas Morning Nap

Big Bubbas Morning Nap

Big Bubbas Morning Nap

Big Bubbas Morning Nap

Big Bubbas Morning Nap

Big Bubbas Morning Nap

Big Bubbas Morning Nap

44 thoughts on “Mr. A’s Morning Nap

  1. I was kind of hoping he took his nap while floating in the pool…gator bubbles. 🙂 I am sure he would not have minded you setting up a cot and sharing a nap too. Very nice study of Mr. A, Phil.

    • He did spend most of his nap while I was there with his tail mostly in the water and I started wondering if it would get water logged. I went by later and he had hauled himself up further on the little island and was drying off the ole tail.
      I was tempted to join him out there because it did look quite comfy and cozy. He might have even been OK with it because later a small young gator joined him and Mr. A did not chase off the youngster so his nap put him in a friendly mood.

    • Oh yes weather here is quite often perfect for morning naps, that’s why so many alligators live here. Well that and low property taxes. His taxes on that little island are practically nothing.

  2. I wonder if they ever think to themselves, “I really do wish my legs were just a little longer!” He certainly does seem contented – but who knows what he’s pondering in that alligator brain?

    • They really don’t use their legs for a whole heck of a lot. When swimming, they use their tails only for propulsion trough the water. And yes indeed, who does know what’s going on in those heads? 🙂

    • Well I try to spread the truth about these large reptiles, they are not naturally aggressive at all toward people. I really wish they would stop the hunts, whenever someone kills a 10-12 foot alligator that animal will never be replaced in our lifetime. 😦

      • I did not realize it takes that long for an alligator to grow to that length. I never watch those redneck shows showing the guys triumphantly killing alligators. It makes me sick seeing how they capture them. I think I would root for the gator.

        • Oh I detest those shows and really wish they would stop putting them on TV. Not just the ones about killing alligators but all the shows which glorify killing large animals and fish. Killing an animal for entertainment and amusement purposes is just plain sick and watching others do it is disturbing as well.
          I would always root for the alligator.

    • He really did look like it was a struggle to get himself up onto his little beach area and he didn’t even make it all the way out. He left his tail still hanging in the water. 🙂

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