Afternoon Bath

Yesterday afternoon we had a group of four young spoonbills all relaxing together in the marsh pond. One of them decided it was bath time so he got up and started splashing around in the water until sufficiently clean…then walked round for a bit drying off his wings. He looked quite spiffy to me, I hope his friends were impressed because I sure was! 

Spoonbill Bathing in Marsh Pond

Spoonbill Bathing in Marsh Pond

Spoonbill Bathing in Marsh Pond

Spoonbill Bathing in Marsh Pond

20 thoughts on “Afternoon Bath

  1. The pink is amazing…. The water, washing is amazing… Your photographs are amazing… But in the last one she seems so silly 🙂 and funny after all graceful beautiful images… You are great dear Phil, Thank you, love, nia

  2. I’m also very impressed, Phil. These gorgeous birds really perform for your camera, don’t they? I love how you’ve captured the flying droplets of water. They look like sparkling jewels. 🙂

  3. I can never quite get over that goofy looking spoonbill. That last shot highlights the goofy look splendidly -though the previous one is quite dainty looking.

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