Morning And Evening At The Marsh

Yesterday morning in the salt marsh started off with a typical Mr. Grumpy attention grab where he shows off all his wonderfulness by prancing around holding up his bright pink wings for everyone to ogle. The real surprise of the morning however was how he managed to get along with everyone out there including a young spoonbill! The little snowy egret seemed shocked at the well mannered display while the wood storks remained stoic as usual.

Later in the evening Big Bubba made an appearance in the marsh pond and he looked very impressive as he glided in my direction. A bit later I saw a group of juvenile spoonbills feeding over on the other side of the pond and went over to watch them for a while. At that point an osprey made a few circle loops over the pond but apparently he didn’t spot anything that looked good so he quickly continued on his way. By this time the sun began to set and our group of young spoonbills decided that it was nap time so they tucked their bills back behind their wings and dozed quietly as the evening sun said goodbye to us all. 

Yesterday at the Marsh

Yesterday at the Marsh

Yesterday at the Marsh

Yesterday at the Marsh

Yesterday at the Marsh

Yesterday at the Marsh

Yesterday at the Marsh

22 thoughts on “Morning And Evening At The Marsh

  1. Oh dear Phil, they are all so beautiful, you really captured amazing moments of them. Especially (our) Mr.Aligator 🙂 But in this series my best one is the reflection of the bird! This one fascinated me much more, there is amazing light in this one… Thank you dear Phil, love, nia

  2. Call me cynical if you like but are you sure this is the same Mr Grumpy? What a change! Such beautiful pictures, Phil – the last is magic! The light and reflections are glorious!

    • I was shocked as well Maggie! He is actually…dare I say it?…behaving! This is not the first time lately we have seen him get along fine with even other spoonbills (well except for one or two minor tail biting incidents). Although last night he choose not to join the group of youngsters pictured here, I spotted him all the way across the pond by himself so maybe he had enough for one day.
      So glad you liked these photos!

  3. It seems like such an idyllic place (except for the poor fish). Those last two shots had me wondering if their toes every wrinkle up from soaking in the water so much.

  4. I love the new improved and reformed Mr Grumpy. I think you’re going to have to rename him. 🙂 I would not be too happy at all if ‘Big Bubba’ came gliding towards me. 😯 That osprey’s wing span is amazing. Fabulous pics again, Phil, and such a great variety.

  5. My favorites are here, as well as (you must get tired of my superlatives….) beautiful pictures of other birds. The second photo is comical in a way. Mr. Grumpy definitely was being a good boy. The last three pictures are stunning. Lovely colors and detail!

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