Morning Flights

Just a few flights from this morning at the marsh pond. A juvenile spoonbill took flight across the water where earlier this osprey plucked out a fish. A great egret also flying low to the water and a bald eagle soaring high above. Lucky for the osprey that he caught his fish prior to the arrival of the eagle because that eagle would more than likely have jumped the osprey to take away it’s fish.

And of course I had to include a shot of our favorite dysfunctional spoonbill Mr. Cranky, who other then one minor tail biting incident managed to mostly behave himself this morning! 

Morning Flight

Morning Flight

Morning Flight

Morning Flight

Morning Flight

36 thoughts on “Morning Flights

  1. So grateful for these beautiful photos! What graceful birds with such long legs. The eagle is particular stunning, as the detail against the sky is really nice. That last photo is a lovely contrast in colors.

  2. At all these great photos all “flyers” at least appear peaceful and they seem to be saturated. Everything’s fine! 😛

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