Is Mr. Cranky Still…Cranky?!

Yesterday morning as the action slowed down and the birds were done feeding, most everyone was taking it easy and enjoying a quiet time in the marsh pond. But I could tell one bird, a certain Monsieur Cranky, was feeling just a bit feisty. One of the young spoonbills must have gotten the same impression because he jumped out of Cranky’s way with only a look needed from the elder bird to get the message across. Mr. Cranky’s reputation by now is well known and I guess the juvenile just figured it was the safest and wisest move.

At this point it looked like everyone had calmed down and one spoonie was even on one leg preparing for a nap. At first Mr. Cranky appeared to be on board with going into a full relaxation mode but that good behavior of course would not last long. He just had to take a few steps over and bite his friend on the tail in an attempt to liven things up a bit and let the other spoonbills know who was really in charge around here.

The offended juvie did not make a big deal out of a little bite on the tail, and he basically stood his ground which may come back to ‘bite’ him later. 🙂 Notice also how the other spoonbill stayed up on one leg and kept himself out of the altercation. The two young tricolored herons preferred to ignore the ill mannered behavior as well which was a wise decision. 

Mr Cranky Acts Up Again

Mr Cranky Acts Up Again

Mr Cranky Acts Up Again

Mr Cranky Acts Up Again

Mr Cranky Acts Up Again

Mr Cranky Acts Up Again

Mr Cranky Acts Up Again

26 thoughts on “Is Mr. Cranky Still…Cranky?!

  1. In addition to everything else, the sky reflected in the water is beautiful. I wonder if the juveniles decide one day he has gone too far and gang up on him. I think you should organize this – it would be a great photo op.

    • Thanks, that water looked pretty nice in the morning, and at the right angle.
      I had thought Mr. Grumpy was rehabilitated because he seemed to be getting along much better with everyone, but that was last week. Guess he couldn’t maintain it for too long.
      Many birds getting together to gang up on the bully sounds like a great idea but I never see that happen. The aggressive bullies are pretty much always free to push around even several birds at a time and the crowd mostly just goes along with it.

  2. Mr Cranky seems to be a real trouble-maker, but it seems as though the others have the right idea, which is to just ignore him. I can also stand on one leg, but not whilst I’m asleep. 🙂 Fabulous pics again, Phil. The colours are amazing.

  3. Mr. Cranky is really something isn’t he?! I think he has too much of whatever bird hormones affect his behavior! LOL! When I read your narrative, I felt guilty laughing about the bite on the tail. I guess he just can’t help himself. 🙂 These colors are so nice to see!

    • I like the look on MC’s face in the last photo as if he was thinking to himself…”well, I took care of that situation”
      For the most part he did behave himself but all it takes is one tail biting incident to start him right back on the path to full crankyness. 🙂

    • That’s exactly it, he can behave for a little while but it likely takes too much effort to maintain it for very long and next think you know he is taking a little nip out of his friend’s tail. Oh well…it happens, what can you do?! 😀

    • I hope he sticks around for a while longer. I didn’t see him in a couple days now but got a report he was spotted this morning so there could be yet more MR. C antics in the near future!

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