Woody’s Big Breakfast

Friday morning I looked to my left just in time to get a piece of this wood stork flying in with a nice fish it had just plucked out of the marsh pond. Woody landed right in front of me and proceeded to parade around his catch while simultaneously wrestling with it.

At the same time I glanced behind me and noticed this juvenile spoonbill coming in for a landing next to another wood stork. You can also see a snowy egret and two tricolored herons in the background. But by the time I turned back around again Woody had already gulped down his fish. That was fast! 

Woody With Big Fish

Woody With Big Fish

Woody With Big Fish

Woody With Big Fish

Woody With Big Fish

29 thoughts on “Woody’s Big Breakfast

    • Once again I knew the fishy face was going to get to you Sylvia, sorry about that. But what can I do? Mr. Wood Stork is so proud of his catch and insists on showing it off to me I feel compelled to take his picture. 🙂

    • It is a big fish for a wood stork. Although they are quite large birds I mostly only see them catching small fish and shrimp. He got it down quick though, with a big crowd around he had no choice.

    • They don’t have teeth but they do have a strong and SUPER fast bill! They have one of the fastest reaction times of closing it on a fish of any bird. They snap closed in a millisecond.
      Glad you enjoyed these photos!

  1. I veer between feeling sorry for the fish and admiration of the bird! Your shots are super, Phil, especially the close-up! That’s a big fish to get down in one gulp like that!

    • We do sometimes feel bad for the fish especially when they make those sad faces as they are about to slide down the throat of some hungry bird. I don’t normally see wood storks catch large fish so this one was a bit unusual.

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