The Jump Off

One of the most fun and interesting types of bird photos I enjoy taking are those of when a bird decides it’s time to leave and flies away. I refer to that exact moment as the ‘jump off’. I spend a lot of time observing and attempting to recognize certain aspects of a bird’s behavior, attitude and body posture, to predict when it’s likely to jump off, so I can hopefully be ready to capture this action. I blink or turn my head at that time and it’s over and I missed it.

This past weekend I was watching everyone’s favorite grumpy pink spoonbill when he started to have ‘the look’. I have seen this before and suspected he had enough of the crowd in the near corner of the marsh pond and was ready to head off on his own. Sure enough…he did jump off and I grabbed a few shots as he left. In the last photo, notice how just after he clears the edge of the pond around the reeds and enters open water, he flies by a group of egrets that appear mildly bemused by the sight of this odd pink bird gliding by. 

Mr Cranky Jump Off

Mr Cranky Jump Off

Mr Cranky Jump Off

Mr Cranky Jump Off

Mr Cranky Jump Off

Mr Cranky Jump Off

Mr Cranky Jump Off

Mr Cranky Jump Off

37 thoughts on “The Jump Off

  1. That last photo is stunning! Just perfect. (I notice in the other photos that the two other birds – wood stork and tri-color heron? – pay absolutely no attention to the departing spoonie. :))

    • Thanks I appreciate the kind words. It is interesting how you can sometimes read the body language and anticipate the jump off. Of course there have been times when they do everything exactly how I’ve seen it preparing to jump, then they apparently change their minds and go back to feeding or even a nap and I get skunked.

  2. A person couldn’t have arranged that last shot if they tried for the rest of their lives! Beautiful! Contrast between MG and egrets is really nice. I like seeing all the birds, and they sure do appear to be ignorning MG!

    • Yes everyone seems to be ignoring MC lately. But I think that might be how he likes it. Glad you liked that last shot, the egrets look sort of funny standing there while MC flies by.

    • Well I let these guys do all the work and I just stand around hoping to capture some of it Sylvia! With a big pink bird in the area I figure my job is 90% done just being nearby. 🙂

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