“Coming Through!”

“Out of the way boys, I’m coming through.”said the spoonbill last night as he jumped up out of the marsh pond and flew over this group of wood storks. 

Spoonbill Flight Over Woodstorks

34 thoughts on ““Coming Through!”

  1. Another stunning spoony shot Phil. It’s been a real treat, seeing all these wonderful birds, but especially the pink spoonbills, this summer. Have there been more this year than previously? When will they begin to migrate to their winter grounds?

    • So glad you have been enjoying the spoonie shots, I have more upcoming for the weekend.
      There have been not only more spoonbills here this summer but they are around more reliably. We had small groups or individuals out almost every day since late June which has been a real treat for us. Back in 2009 we had a couple stay through Nov. so hoping we get a few diehard holdouts again this year. 🙂
      I have not seen more then two or three at one time in a couple weeks now so it’s likely some have moved on already.
      Saw two this morning.

    • Oh I know, that’s the best part for sure Maggie! The wood storks are rarely impressed by anything, but…if a helicopter flies over head they go into a full blown panic! 😯 😀 They do not like helicopters at all.

    • We should get close to 80 this weekend with sunny skies Amy and the spoonbills like that weather. Back in 2009 we had a couple stay through Nov. It would be great if we had some stick around that long this year. 🙂

        • I’m really happy to see some still hanging around, I figure they must like it here. So I’m optimistic they will be here a few more weeks. I did see two this morning including our friend Mr. Cranky. Also saw a few alligators but their season is winding down as well.

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