The Protection Detail

It almost looks as if these egrets were bodyguards forming a protective shield around the alligator. Did Mr. A tick off some other alligator so he requested protection from these egrets?! If that’s his plan I don’t think it is very well thought out. The egrets will very likely flee immediately at the first sign of any type of physical encounter, especially among alligators.

Or maybe Mr. A is actually the bodyguard protecting the egrets from some particularly grouchy great blue heron? Either way, they all seem to be on high alert, although in this case it makes much more sense for the egrets to be the ones to remain on alert! 

Alligator and Egrets

40 thoughts on “The Protection Detail

    • Yup real life can indeed be quite amazing, you don’t need to make this stuff up.
      Everyone here ended up getting along fine so I’ll never be sure who was watching out for who.

    • It is an unusual combination but these egrets appeared to be quite at ease hanging with Mr. A so maybe he was protecting them?! But… good idea for the egrets to stay *more* alert.

  1. They look silly there! Like white point guards! Uncertain who may have been watching out for whom, but it is a really nice shot!

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