Still Learning

It was grey, overcast and kind of a quiet morning over at the salt marsh today. We saw a pair of adult bald eagles but they stayed on the far back edge, while an immature eagle was busy very high up shadowing an osprey. The osprey didn’t have a fish, the young eagle was likely just practicing being an annoyance to the osprey. Many wood storks were out flying in all directions along with some ibis and snowy egrets.

We did however see this juvenile night heron busy in the mud flats at low tide snatching up some tiny crabs which were skittering about the area. Crabs are among the favorite food of night herons but this youngster has to start somewhere and soon it will be going after the larger crabs as it ages and gains more experience. 

Juvie Night Heron Catches Crab

Juvie Night Heron Catches Crab

Juvie Night Heron Catches Crab

Juvie Night Heron Catches Crab

26 thoughts on “Still Learning

  1. I love these. He’s almost monochrome all over, but then bam! that orange eye hits you. I like his scraggly proto-crest and how worried he looks eating that crab, like, “This thing seems awfully sharp – is this really what I’m supposed to do?”

  2. He’s quite cute, and very much full of the “youngster” look. Colors and detail are really fun. And, of course, I obsess on their eyes!

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