The New Improved Mr. Cranky?!?

Out favorite pink grump was all over the marsh this weekend, flying about and frequently stopping to feed. But this time I noticed a significant difference in his behavior and attitude, he seemed to be…well, less cranky.

He got along fine with an egret, and he got along fine with a great blue heron, both of which I thought were very good signs. Plus he didn’t seem to get even the least bit upset when he was feeding with his young friend and a wood stork and they all got photo bombed by a snowy egret. Yes indeed, he was getting along just great with everybody, and really appeared quite pleased to have his little friend by his side there in the salt marsh.

Ok though… in the spirit of full disclosure I must point out that our previously grumpy spoonbill did backslide into grumpiness just a bit at one point. There was this minor tail biting incident which I believe he felt bad about…because later I saw him walk back out into the reeds where he gave himself a brief time out. That did the trick because he and the juvie spoonie were quickly right back to being friendly marsh mates once again! 

New Improved Mr Cranky

New Improved Mr Cranky

New Improved Mr Cranky

New Improved Mr Cranky

New Improved Mr Cranky

New Improved Mr Cranky

New Improved Mr Cranky

New Improved Mr Cranky

New Improved Mr Cranky

51 thoughts on “The New Improved Mr. Cranky?!?

  1. I continue to marvel at the wonderful opportunities you have to catch these large birds. And of course you make the most of it but creating these wonderful photos. That first photo with the background is just sublime.

    • He seems to have mellowed a bit the longer he stays around here, although he did have the one slip it’s a lot better then it used to be where he would jump on a younger spoonbill at first glance.

    • Our friend Mr. Cranky Pants may indeed be in counseling. Possibly goes to the same therapist as Mr. A cause we all know what a positive attitude our big alligator friend has.
      Glad you liked the pics and knew you would be happy with the pink text.

  2. Ha ha, I laughed so hard when I got to the “minor tail biting incident”. But good for him. Each and every photo is so great, and illustrative of better behavior — until that one particular shot. But then it’s ok again. 🙂 I had read the narrative first, and wasn’t expecting the “tail bit” to be captured. Really made me laugh. 🙂

  3. I never get tired of viewing your bird photos. Glad to hear he is adjusting his attitude 🙂 He sure looks handsome with the pink wings. Thank you for another awesome set of cranky bird image, Phil!

  4. The “tail-biting” shot is wonderful, the best laugh I’ve had all day! The whole series with the story is excellent!

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