Evening Flight

It was quite active in the salt marsh this evening…we had Mr. A in a feeding frenzy scooping up mouthfuls of fish with some wood storks happily picking up the panicked strays, plus some egret and ibis altercations. Photos on all that action will be upcoming.

Here is a great blue heron flight across the marsh. This bird was beating a hasty retreat after being jumped by another GBH that wanted him out of the area. 

GBH Flight Across the Salt Marsh

GBH Flight Across the Salt Marsh

23 thoughts on “Evening Flight

  1. He does look like he’s beating a path out of there. Beautiful bird. Sounds really active that evening. Can’t wait for all the action shots!

    • There really was a lot going on. The birds were once again attracted to the fishing alligator and were happy to grab up the panicked strays. Should have photos to post soon. Glad you liked seeing the GBH flight!

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