Flying Fish

Our good buddy Mr. A was having himself a fun time in the salt marsh last night. He was sloshing around in a land locked pool of water that was created by the low tide. A lot of fish were trapped in there and Mr. A knew it. Here he was banging his nose against the edge of the pool after herding a group of fish into a corner. The panicked fish were jumping all over in an attempt to escape the hungry alligator. A few lucky fish managed to survive and lived to tell the tale and swim another day! 

Flying Fish in the Salt Marsh

Flying Fish in the Salt Marsh

26 thoughts on “Flying Fish

  1. I think you need to get a job with National Geographic if you haven’t already ! Amazing! Is this an Estuary ? Once on a cruise I watched Flying Silver fish all night from my balcony but not nearly so close of course.

    • I did find myself laughing a bit at the plight of the poor fish as they jumped about wildly. But I’m sure the fish do not see it that way at all, but so it goes in nature.
      Thanks Deb!

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