“Those Little Things Are SO Annoying!”

This is the bald eagle from last week that some of you may remember seeing jumping off from the pine tree and flying off across the marsh. Prior to him leaving however, he was buzzed and annoyed by a persistent pair of mockingbirds that just would not leave the poor eagle alone. I don’t know if they had a nest nearby, but the mockingbirds kept pestering the eagle who tried at first to ignore the little birds but the tiny mockingbirds were determined to give the bald eagle a hard time.

In the first three photos you can see one of the mockingbirds perching on branches next to the eagle and in photo #3 it pecked the eagle on the head. In photos 4 and 5 you can see the pair buzzing around the eagle which definitely further annoyed him so he decided to move over to a different section of the tree as can be seen in photos 6 and 7. That tactic failed to produce the desired effect as in photo 8 the mockingbird can be seen perched right above the eagle’s head. The exasperated bald eagle voiced his displeasure before finally leaving the area entirely which was the theme of last week’s post.  🙂 

Eagle Annoyed By Mockingbirds

Eagle Annoyed By Mockingbirds

Eagle Annoyed By Mockingbirds

Eagle Annoyed By Mockingbirds

Eagle Annoyed By Mockingbirds

Eagle Annoyed By Mockingbirds

Eagle Annoyed By Mockingbirds

Eagle Annoyed By Mockingbirds

Eagle Annoyed By Mockingbirds

50 thoughts on ““Those Little Things Are SO Annoying!”

  1. The photo #3 the mockingbird pecked the eagle on the head is so cute! Thank you so much for using the series of amazing photos to teach us how to appreciate our beautiful nature. Happy Sunday, Phil!

  2. What a majestic bird that eagle is. I’m fascinated by how he did not return the favor to the mockingbird(s). And equally fascinated by how bold the mockingbird(s) were! Would you dare peck an eagle’s head?! Poor guy, finally left. I bet the mockingbirds had a nest nearby or something (as you speculated). Great series of photos.

    • I’m still wondering if those bold mockingbirds did have a nest nearby or if they were just being annoying pains in the rump and simply giving the eagle a hard time for being in ‘their’ tree. The eagle did have patience with them though.

    • I suppose there is not a lot the big boy can do other then leave the tree which is what he eventually did do. He can’t really grab one unless he caught it out in the open which those birds are too smart to let happen.
      I was probably lucky to have the light grey sky background because if the sun was out, they all would have been severely back lit.

  3. That little mocking bird has a lot of cheek trying to annoy the eagle. I like your composition of branches as the background. The shots are fabulous as always, especially the one of the “shout” 🙂

    • Oh that is absolutely true Larry, they do have an uncanny ability to be annoying. They have been known to dive bomb at your head if you happen to go near a nest which will generally be placed around your front door. 😀

  4. I haven’t seen an eagle being hassled like this, but I have seen many hawks being harassed by much smaller birds and it is amazing the impunity with which the tinier species operate. I think you are probably right about a nearby nest. Very nice series showing the interaction, Phil.

    • Those eagles usually give the ospreys a very hard time so for once the eagle is getting buzzed by the mockingbirds which must be like mosquitos to him.
      Thanks for checking these out and glad you enjoyed them!

    • Hi Tricia, thank you very much for looking and commenting, I appreciate it.
      Great seeing eagles isn’t it?! I spotted this one near where I live in the coastal SC area just south of Myrtle Beach.

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