“What Are You Looking at?!?”

Looking at this alligator and egret from last week…I’m not sure if the egret can’t believe what he is seeing or if the alligator can’t believe this goofy egret is giving him the close up hard stare.

Both, however, seem surprised to be almost nose to beak though. 🙂 

Egret and Alligator

41 thoughts on ““What Are You Looking at?!?”

  1. Wow. Could the egret have stretched his neck any further?! I love how his body is far, far away from the alligator! What a silly pair. This made me laugh. And the alligator does look like he’s smiling. Or is that a smirk?!

  2. What a brilliant picture – a standoff par excellence, Phil! I’m not altogether sure I like the look in the alligator’s eye though – I hope the egret got the message!

    • One of my favorite aspects of nature to view and photograph is the interaction between two such different species.
      That alligator I think looked more surprised then angered by the egrets close up inspection.
      Thanks very much Maggie!

    • I did get a laugh out of this as well Steve plus I’m glad I got the photo to look at later. I don’t think I appreciated the scene as much when I was there looking at it. Sometimes taking photos gets in the way of the full experience I believe.

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