Separate Arrivals

Last night we had three young spoonbills show up in the salt marsh but they each arrived separately. You can see how the light changed as each spoonie flew in. When the first one arrived the lighting had a typical early evening look, less harsh than afternoon but still a bit cool. When the second one showed up the sun had gone down more and was beginning to pick up some evening warmth. By the time the last one arrived it was just prior to sunset with the setting sunlight really warming the entire scene with a golden glow.

After arriving, the trio posed for a quick group portrait, then got right down to the business of feeding! At this point the sun had mostly gone down giving the marsh a cooler look with a more blue color temperature. The three spoonies were now in shadow but you can see how the last bit of setting sunlight was still reflecting some red and gold off of the water. 

Three Spoonies Arrive Separately

Three Spoonies Arrive Separately

Three Spoonies Arrive Separately

Three Spoonies Arrive Separately

Three Spoonies Arrive Separately

45 thoughts on “Separate Arrivals

    • I believe shrimp was the Special again last but you really can’t blame them.
      You know how it is once you discover a favorite dish, you keep coming back for more of it. 😀
      Thanks for looking Sylvia.

    • Well I knew you would like the text as well as the pink goofballs. You also know I just can not help but take yet more photos of them whenever I have the opportunity. Glad you enjoyed these pics!

    • That’s one of my biggest challenges out there, trying to get the wildlife to take direction. I always know what I want them to do but do they always comply? They do not. Thanks!

  1. I’m wondering if the different backgrounds didn’t add to the different look in the first three shots, too? Regardless… they’re all brilliant. I’m with Lyle: hope the group shot wasn’t too challenging.

  2. It is cool to see how wonderfully synchronised the three of them are in the last photo 🙂 The third one with the sunlit golden background catches my eye most 🙂

  3. simply magnifiques… these awesome birds are called in French: spatules rosées… 🙂 my very best and friendly greetings from Toulouse, France! Have a great weekend, cheers! 🙂 Mélanie

    • “Spatules Rosées” I love that! And… I’m going to remember that and start using it around the marsh! 🙂
      Greetings from the sunny coast of South Carolina USA.
      Merci beaucoup de votre visite et j’apprécie énormément vos aimables paroles.

  4. Great progression in the lighting, and thus the feeling, of the photographs for me. It’s almost like they needed to set immediately to work, before the critters disappeared….

    • Thanks a million for your very kind comments and glad you enjoyed these spoonbill photos. These guys got right to work on the tiny glass shrimp they like so much, and they were at it well into the evening even as it got quite dark.

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