Big Blue Coming In

A Great Blue Heron last night came flying in just above the reeds in the salt marsh at sunset. He took a left turn in front of me, then continued on down the marsh for one last bit of fishing before it got too dark. 

GBH Flight in from Marsh

GBH Flight in from Marsh

GBH Flight in from Marsh

39 thoughts on “Big Blue Coming In

  1. Very beautiful in the late afternoon light. Do large birds often hunt late like this? I saw a few red tailed hawks hunting right before sunset. I know small birds come to feeders at this time, and thought maybe of changing the time I look for raptors.

    • I’m not sure about the raptors but I often see large waders like the GBH, egret, spoonbills, and wood storks feeding in quite dark conditions. Glad you liked the lighting here.

  2. The colors in these photographs are so pretty. What a great few moments that must have been. I love that sunset glow! You can see him surveying things while over the reeds.

    • Actually our boy here was on his way to chase a competitor out of the marsh. Despite how large the area is naturally there is only room for one GBH. At least to hear him tell it that’s the situation. 🙂

  3. Fabulous hots, Phil. Love the rosy evening glow. Last night in our back yard, the resident GBH flew in and snatched a big fish right out of an anhinga’s mouth. It was so large that even he had trouble swallowing it, but he persevered. The anhinga was rather indignant, but what could he do? 🙂

    • I really do enjoy that evening sunset light, all I need is some wildlife to come out at those times and cooperate. Not asking too much am I? Glad you mentioned the turn… I had originally wrote ‘right’ turn when of course he took a left. Fixed it now though. 🙂

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