Happy Halloween From Mr. A!

It was great to see our pal Mr. A in the swamp getting into the Halloween spirit with his scary costume! The only problem was… I wasn’t  exactly sure what the costume was supposed to be. A floating weed bog?!? Well I didn’t know and I was not about to ask him either.

But considering the swamp is stuffed with moorhens, coots, and grebes right now… I’m guessing the Trick or Treat aspect may end up being more of a trick on the unsuspecting water fowl if Mr. A really wants to turn this Halloween into something especially scary.  😯 

Alligator Halloween Costume

Alligator Halloween Costume

Alligator Halloween Costume

35 thoughts on “Happy Halloween From Mr. A!

  1. Oh he looks silly in that camouflage! He’s trying to be Rambo maybe, or Arnold when he was camo’d in Predator. Maybe Mr. A will be kind today ( riiiiiight ) and just sneak up an say BOO to the unsuspecting dinner prospect! Happy Halloween to you and yours, and all at the marsh.

    • I’m sure he has something special planned for tonight, you can just tell by that look he has on his face. Oh sure, you might think he appears innocent and reserved, but he is up to something I just know it. 😯 😀

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