Meeting In The Marsh

Earlier this week we had a group meeting in the salt marsh during low tide. Despite there being four different species of birds in the group: great and snowy egrets, wood storks, and white ibis… everyone got along fine. Even when an additional overly excited snowy flew in to join the meeting, they all remained calm and focused on the day’s agenda which of course was feeding.

Can you count the total number of birds in this group? Remember, the arriving snowy added one more to the number.  🙂 

Group Meeting In Marsh

Group Meeting In Marsh

Group Meeting In Marsh

Group Meeting In Marsh

33 thoughts on “Meeting In The Marsh

  1. Like being on mirror…. so beautiful dear Phil, I think there are 14 birds… totally… but not in all pictures 🙂 am I right?
    I loved this amazing composition…. Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  2. 14 in the first shot I think. Then 15 when the other snowy arrives? That excited snowy, when everyone else is calm is funny! His hair!

  3. I counted 15 birds, then the snowy arrived, making 16. Had to count the pairs of legs to get to 15, though! Happy to read then that I got it right! What a happy little band – they do make a lovely picture, Phil!

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