November Spoonbills

Every day we don’t see any spoonbills out in the marsh we wonder if they have finally left the area for the season. Last year they departed early and I never saw one spoonie past Sept. 1st. We have been very fortunate this summer that some were around fairly reliably all through Sept. and even Oct. But the question remained… would any stick around into November.

We were thrilled last night to find that question answered when first two, then a third spoonie showed up in the salt marsh during low tide! So we can officially say we had spoonbills into November.

Here are a few shots of them as they went about their routine much to the delight of all who saw them! 

Spoonbills in the Salt Marsh

Spoonbills in the Salt Marsh

Spoonbills in the Salt Marsh

Spoonbills in the Salt Marsh

Spoonbills in the Salt Marsh

Spoonbills in the Salt Marsh

28 thoughts on “November Spoonbills

    • So glad you like these Judy!
      No, not cold yet at the marsh. Upper 70sF yesterday and just a bit cooler today.
      That could be part of why some are sticking around. Although…back in 2009 I have spoonbill photos taken on Nov. 29 (the latest ever) and it was a cold Nov. so who knows? Happy we have them now for sure!

    • Thanks a million Steve I’m thrilled you enjoyed these spoonie shots!
      Funny you should mention the ‘Dance’… they were really acting funny last night raising their bills up often in unison as if they were choreographing some moves. 🙂 I have a whole separate series upcoming on that.

  1. These are fabulous shots! I just love the contrast of the pink spoonies against the overcast sky/water. It really makes the spoonies pop out at your and steal the show!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I just love how pink they are – the detail is fascinating. It must be nice for you guys to see them this late in the year!

  3. Wonderful photos! I especially like the third and fifth. 🙂 I hope that climate change is not the reason you have spoonies so late in the season, but I fear it might be. Do you know where they go when they leave your marsh?

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