Time Lapse Over The Marsh Pond

Here is a 23 second time lapse of evening clouds and sunset taken tonight at the marsh pond.

Also a still photo taken about five minutes after sunset. 

Sunset at the Marsh Pond

48 thoughts on “Time Lapse Over The Marsh Pond

  1. Very nice. What program did you use Phil, I’ve tried a couple of time lapse on different programs but just can’t get a smooth finish

    • Maggie if we don’t get 2-3 nice sunsets a week here we feel cheated. 😉 😀
      I’m glad you enjoyed seeing this and yes I also like the jet contrails, they add a nice touch. 🙂
      One zips by quick at the end.

    • Thanks very much Dan, I’m glad you liked this TL and happy to see you here!
      This was 550 frames, one taken every five seconds for approx. 45 mins. with a DSLR and then I did a batch resize in photoshop and processed the final video at 24fps using Quick Time Pro.

  2. This is just spectacular! I’m a first time visitor to your site at the suggestion of a birder in Charleston. I’m keenly interested in your capture and post processing for this video. What was the interval that you shot still for the video and what software did you use to process the stills into video? Is there anything special that I need to know, but don’t know to ask about? Thank you in advance for your help and wonderful images!!

    • Thanks very much for looking and commenting Carl and I’m glad you lied this TL.
      I used an old Canon 30D camera to take the individual shots.
      This was 550 shots, one taken every five seconds for approx. 45 mins.
      I did a batch adjust and resize in photoshop (but you don’t have to do that) and then processed the final 23 second video at 24fps using Quick Time Pro.

      • Thank you very much Phil! I’m super keen to improve and expand my photography skill set and benefit immensely from the informal help that I received from talented and generous peers such as you. I intend to attempt a first try at this technique this weekend.

        Two more questions spring to mind….. Did you use an external interval timer or some other method to capture your images? I’m also curious about exposure control. I’m imagining that the exposure will change dramatically over the course of 45 minutes (and especially so with a sunset). I’m worried that if I allow the camera to automatically calculate each exposure, it will end up making the later (darker) images look too bright. On the other hand, setting a manual exposure could end up looking much too dark after sunset. How did you solve this problem?

        P.S. I think we must have been in very close proximity on the causeway last weekend. I saw your octopus photo on this blog and heard people talking about it when we were there.

        • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the timer. Yes I use an external interval timer to capture the images.
          I have been very happy with the Vello Shutterboss
          Now on sale at B&H for $42.50
          Plus right into the camera, you set it to go and you can walk away and let it do it’s thing if you want.

          I use AV (aperture priority) for exposure during TL. I usually set the ISO low at 100 and then start at f8, You are right, in this mode the camera will want to even out and lighten up the scene by lowering the shutter as it gets darker. I handle this by keeping an eye on the camera chosen shutter and use the exposure compensation as I go. Sometimes by the time I’m done I have the EC dialed all the way down to 2 stops under.
          I have tried using all manual just changing the exposures as required but oddly those changes showed up on the final video as jerky points. Luckily using EC while taking the shots does not show up in the finished video.
          Hope this helps.

          Stop to say hi next time you are over at HBSP. Cold there now.

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