Quick Departure

Two nights ago I saw this great egret in the marsh pond silhouetted by warm setting sunlight. He seemed to be relaxing and just taking in the sights when suddenly he got quite a bit agitated. He started squawking at someone or something and quickly left the area. I never saw what it was that got the egret all riled up but I suspect that as usual, it’s another egret all the way on the other side of the pond that needs to immediately be chased off… 

Great Egret Sunset Silhouette

Great Egret Sunset Silhouette

Great Egret Sunset Silhouette

22 thoughts on “Quick Departure

    • He got real upset real fast Sylvia. And oh BTW…this is “Radar”, remember seeing him previously?! 🙂
      He is the egret with the transmitter pack on his back with two antennas sticking out.

  1. I love the way the light on the water goes from gold to rose! The first shot reminds me of the beautiful swan shots. (Lucy still has the card on her mantelpiece, by the way, Phil and it still gets comments from visitors!)

  2. Boy, they get squawky really fast, don’t they? Such a large area, and yet …. just MUST run that other guy off! It looked so peaceful and warm until that started in, lol.

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