This morning I was surprised to see a brown pelican fishing in the marsh pond. Must mean colder weather is on the way, which will surely result in our last remaining pair of spoonbills leaving us any day now to make their way south for the winter. 

Brown Pelican Takeoff

Brown Pelican Takeoff

Brown Pelican Takeoff

Brown Pelican Takeoff

Brown Pelican Takeoff

Brown Pelican Takeoff

55 thoughts on “Liftoff!

  1. Those are great flight shots. I particularly like that second one – I think it’s the fact that everything is stretched out. You should have set up a pool for the date of the last spoonie sighting and given away huge prizes to everyone who participated:)

    • I’m glad to hear you liked these pelican shots.
      Hey! Great idea about the spoonie pool! Huge prizes are a must!
      I’m going to set up a live web cam over there to give me an edge. Ya know, jus in case. 🙂
      Oh, and although you didn’t ask…I know you were wondering how the alligators were doing with the cooler weather coming in. I saw Big Bubba today and he looked really good. He floated right over to me. What a great guy!

      • Ahem … if you are giving out the prizes, you shouldn’t advertise that you trying to cheat to win them:)

        Oh yes and thanks for helping me remember what I was thinking about Bubba. Good to know they are still around so that you keeps you around.

    • Thanks so much Dina, I’m thrilled you enjoyed these pelican pics! These guys are nice flyers and can have some dramatic takeoffs, but when they hit the water while fishing they look like they were just tossed out of a moving vehicle. Rather inelegant I’m afraid.

        • It’s so good to know you like seeing and learning about the different types of wildlife we have in our area.
          BTW…I saw White Pelicans last week! They are larger then brown pelicans and fish differently.
          Photos of them will be coming soon… 🙂

    • Thank you so much Callie, really glad you enjoyed these pelican photos and I appreciate your kind comments.
      The brown pelican is a fairly common bird here especially along the coast. We can often see groups of them flying low over the ocean just out past the breakers, occasionally stopping to fish. But… last week I did see a group of American White Pelicans fly over the marsh. These birds are huge and uncommon here along the SC coast.
      I’ll post photos of the white pelicans soon.

    • Thanks a million for the kind words, Steve! It’s funny how I rarely pay much attention to them at the beach (which is only a few hundred yards away from the marsh) but when they come into the pond I’m all over them. 🙂

    • They mostly only look graceful in flight. When you see one hit the water it looks like it was just tossed from a moving vehicle. Rather indelicate I’m afraid. 🙂
      Thanks for checking these out!

  2. Beautiful shots! I was also out there Wednesday and got a shot of the brown pelican but nothing like these! It was my first time using a new lens with my cannon rebel – prime 300mm with a 1.4 converter. I’ve not had one good flight shot yet – any advise?

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