American White Pelicans

Last week I was quite surprised to see a small group of white pelicans come gliding in from the ocean side and head out over the salt marsh. I say surprised because the American White Pelican is not a very common bird for our area. We are much more likely to see the brown pelican. The white pelican is a very large bird and has the second largest wing span of any bird in the United States, only the California Condor has a bigger wing span.

This group took a nice wide circle over the marsh pond providing me with some excellent views, before finally heading off into the sun. 

White Pelican Group Flights

White Pelican Group Flights

White Pelican Group Flights

White Pelican Group Flights

White Pelican Group Flights

White Pelican Group Flights

White Pelican Group Flights

White Pelican Group Flights

49 thoughts on “American White Pelicans

  1. Did not know they were second only to the condor. I was lucky enough to see some condors during my stay in Big Sur about a year ago. Very impressive birds, both the condors and your pelicans.

  2. You have surpassed yourself yet again, Phil! These pictures are stunning! What amazing birds these are – I think our old Hercules aircraft must have been based on their shape! Do these pelicans migrate to different areas?

    • Thank you so much for your very kind words Maggie and I ma sure many aircraft designs started by looking at various bird. 🙂 I don’t know where these were headed but we do not often see them at all in our area.

  3. Not sure where you are located but, by contrast, in my town in Central Florida we have many white pelicans, but rarely brown pelicans. Interesting that they don’t dive for fish like the browns, but form a group and “herd” fish into shallow pools.

    Great shots!

    • I am in the coastal SC area just south of Myrtle Beach. We usually have brown pelicans coming out of our ears but rarely the American White Pelican.
      I’m betting you folks are seeing the spoonbills there as well now.
      Thanks for checking out these shots!

  4. A bit of confession: I have never realised I am so fascinated with birds till I discovered your blog. These pelicans photos are incredible. I hate repeating myself, but they are.

    • Well that is so nice of you to say that Paula, really makes me feel good to hear!
      I’m am very happy to know you enjoy the bird photos and I’m with you on these pelicans, they are a thrill to see!

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