Don’t Give Me That Cute Innocent Look!

This afternoon several ospreys were out working the marsh pond heavy trying to catch fish. They kept returning to grab another fish because the eagle was also out waiting for any opportunity to snatch the fish away from the ospreys. The poor ospreys maybe got to keep one fish out of every three they caught.

I spotted this sneaky individual standing in a pine tree trying to look all innocent as if it was thinking…”who could possibly ever suspect cute little me would steal a fish away from some osprey?!” Well about a minute after I took the tree photos, Mr. Innocent took off  across the marsh like his tail was on fire after an osprey that had just plucked out a fish.

Cute? Well maybe. Innocent? I don’t think so!

Bald Eagle Up To No Good

Bald Eagle Up To No Good

Bald Eagle Up To No Good

Bald Eagle Up To No Good

30 thoughts on “Don’t Give Me That Cute Innocent Look!

  1. Wonderful detail on this guy. Precision I can only dream of. But I do not like a bird who steals. I’m going with Ben on this one, thinking of starting a movement to replace ole baldy with the turkey! 🙂

    • That’s exactly what happens Maggie, sometimes the osprey gives it right up immediately, while other times it tries evasive flight maneuvers to hold on to the fish. The eagle usually wins though.

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