Active Day

Bright sun and warm temps. combined to make it an active morning and afternoon at the marsh today and…included a first!

The osprey was having luck fishing and he even got to keep his fish this time. Mister Alligator was making a rare November appearance no doubt taking advantage of the sunny day. The eagle was patrolling his marsh as usual keeping an eye on things and likely hoping he would have a chance to jump an osprey. The great blue heron ‘Flasher’ was at it again putting on a show for all the nature lovers. A wood stork jumped off from the salt marsh after taking advantage of some tasty fish which were available at low tide.

And we had our first ever sighting of a large red octopus which was spotted floundering around among the oyster beds in the salt marsh. We had never seen one before anywhere in the marsh so it was quite exciting! We were initially concerned that it would get trapped in the shallow water at low tide but as the tide began to come in the octopus disappeared from sight and hopefully made it’s way back to the ocean. 

Active Day

Active Day

Active Day

Active Day

Active Day

Active Day

38 thoughts on “Active Day

  1. I so very much enjoy your work and especially appreciate your comments. I look forward to meeting you by the salt marsh someday!

  2. All I can say is WOW! What a great day you had. A fantastic group of pictures. An octopus-what an amazing site. That is definitely something you don’t see often, most probably never see it no less get a chance to take a picture. Thanks for sharing.

    • We kept saying that if our old pal Mr. A was out in the marsh at that time it may not have been a pretty sight at all. Probably good photos though. 😯
      The flashing GBH is pretty funny. 🙂

  3. Great shots, and the octopus is quite a surprise! Looks like the wildlife stays busy on these warm autumn days. The heron must be trying to catch a few extra rays.

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