“Can I Play Too?!”

Mr. Alligator would like to join in on the fun with a group of wood storks in the salt marsh, but I’m not too sure they want a new playmate…

Alligator and Wood Storks

36 thoughts on ““Can I Play Too?!”

    • It is possible for an alligator to take a bird but it would be more likely when the gator is in stealth mode approaching silently from under the water. Sort of like a WW II U Boat.

  1. I think Mr. A thinks he’s looking innocuous and casual. Right. He’s HUGE! Lovely group of wood storks. They couldn’t be better arranged if a person tried to! 🙂

    • He probably does see himself as stealthy and close to invisible. Until he realizes he is not under water and is actually in plain view of all involved. That’s how his plans get ruined. 🙂

  2. Some of them seem to be making a wide berth around him, can’t say I blame them, I’d be running for the hills!! :))

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