Introducing The Lovely Mrs. A

This is from last month over at the swamp when I was surprised to see two baby alligators out at that time of year. We normally would see alligator babies in mid to late summer, not in mid October.

I first spotted the babies swimming around in the muck and duck weed by themselves and was concerned over where mom might be. Within minutes I saw an alligator crawl up out of the swamp nearby where I was standing. The gator kind of hesitated for a moment and settled down where it began to really give me the eye. Soon it turned around, went back down into the swamp and glided over near where I had seen the two babies.

 I quickly realized that I had just met mom, and she did not look tremendously thrilled to see me. She swam over to the general location of the babies and I hoped they would swim over to her and possibly even crawl up onto her head. But soon after they saw mom gliding over, both babies quickly swam back into the reeds and disappeared. I suspect she sent them off to keep them safe because right after that she turned and decided to deal with me.

Mom started patrolling the area right in front of where I was standing and I had the distinct impression that she wanted me to leave. When she suddenly lifted up her head, made a loud grunting sound and bashed it back down into the water with a big splash I got the message. I left Mrs. A and her children alone which I’m sure was the wise choice for all involved, but it was quite interesting and exciting to see her protective behavior in action. 

Mrs A and Babies in the Swamp

Mrs A and Babies in the Swamp

Mrs A and Babies in the Swamp

Mrs A and Babies in the Swamp

Mrs A and Babies in the Swamp

Mrs A and Babies in the Swamp

Mrs A and Babies in the Swamp

Mrs A and Babies in the Swamp

Mrs A and Babies in the Swamp

44 thoughts on “Introducing The Lovely Mrs. A

    • It was not a tough choice for me to get the hint and move on. Alligators here are not normally at all aggressive but you should never take a chance on a mom with her babies.
      Thanks for looking!

    • I possibly pushed it a bit farther then I should have but I kept hoping the babies would come running (or swimming) home to mama, those are the shots I wanted. But I took her subtle hint and left the scene.
      Thanks very much Adrian!

  1. Holy Moses, as they say. When she started parting the water, I would have been long gone myself. Actually, I would have been gone sooner than that, but I don’t have enough experience to judge behavior as you can. I’ll say this – that duckweed is very attractive. I wonder if it’s good for the complexion?

    • Ohhhh… you can’t hurt mom’s feelings by disparaging her looks, she is very sensitive about such things.
      Glad you enjoyed the photos and story, it was interesting out there that day. And I was alone. Well, me and mom.

    • She is protective, but the only thing that concerns me regarding the babies is that they are so late. I wonder if they will have enough time to pack on a little size and weight that they will need to get through the colder months when they stop eating.

  2. These are just the sweetest photographs. I love mom! I hope the little guys/girls make it through the winter. I bet mom was a bit on edge with possible danger (people) so close!

    • I really hope the youngsters can make it through the winter as well. Sadly there just doesn’t seem to be enough time for them to bulk up but I’m sure nature knows a lot better then me so they should be OK.
      I loved mom too, she had a real regal look of confidence with just a dash of intimidation. She’s got it goin’ on!

    • Thanks a million for your very kind words Paula I appreciate that very much!
      Glad you liked that second shot of mom. I took some video of her getting up and walking around right after that but never posted it anywhere yet.

  3. Love the pictures Phil! I can’t imagine the hours you put in to get these shots. I have learned so much about the wildlife in our park by checking your site. I tell all our guests that come to HBSP gift shop to check out your site as well.

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