Because You Might Miss Them…Spoonbill Portraits

It’s only been a little over a week since the spoonbills have moved on and left our marsh but I miss them already and thought you might as well.

So I thought I would post these never before seen portraits of our pink friend taken on a beautiful late evening back in August. As winter begins to arrive in many places I hope these images will bring back pleasant memories of warm summer nights to some of you as it does to me. 

Spoonbill Portrait

Spoonbill Portrait

Spoonbill Portrait

Spoonbill Portrait

44 thoughts on “Because You Might Miss Them…Spoonbill Portraits

  1. Love these photos, Phil. Especially the last one with the complete reflection, even of the drops of water!! Beautiful. These photos are the first where I have noticed that the spoon-shaped bill itself seems to have a pink tinge. Is that just the evening light?

    • Thank you very much Deb I’m really happy you enjoyed these spoonbill photos.
      Their bill does indeed have a tinge of pink to it. Kind of light brown with a bit of rose coloring which can appear more pronounced depending on lighting conditions.

  2. Knew nothing about spoonbills at all until started visiting here. Beautiful parting shots. His eyes look so soft in thses photos. 🙂 Will miss seeing them, and hope I am still here next year to view more on your blog when they return!

    • The fun part (hopefully) is that I have quite a lot of spoonbill photos in my files from this past summer so I can continue to post previously unseen pictures of them all winter. 🙂

    • Full Discloser: No animals were bitten on the butt or leg during the filming of this series. 🙂
      Speaking of memories, I have a series upcoming from 2009 that could be Mr. Grumpy, The Early Years. 😯

  3. Those are very nice photos. I especially like the last one with the water drops, one with a pink reflection inside it. Many thanks!

    • I was just talking yesterday about how long the wait will be until I see my pink friends again. I wonder if by next summer Mr. Cranky’s attitude will have improved, or possibly even gotten worse. 😯

    • Thanks very much I’m really happy you enjoyed these spoonie shots.
      You don’t know how right you are about them never leaving the blog. I have quite a lot of images in my files from all summer that have never seen the light of day previously, so I plan to roll them out gradually all winter long.

    • I expect I will be seeing much of the usual suspects all winter…herons, egrets, ospreys, eagles, ibis, and various ducks. Nothing too colorful I’m afraid. But…I have a lot of shots in my files from this past summer that have never been seen before and I can post some periodically during the winter.

    • Thank you for your kind words Amy I appreciate that!
      But…it doesn’t have to be totally over. I have file shots I have never posted before that I can roll out periodically during the winter. Hope everyone will like those. 🙂

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