Afternoon Eagle Plus Bonus Alligator!

This afternoon we were about to leave when we spotted this bald eagle sitting in a pine tree at the side edge of the salt marsh. I stayed with him until he jumped off, left the tree, and flew back out across the marsh.

But…earlier in the morning…I saw this alligator gliding along very slowly in the swamp. It was a warm day today and there were a few alligators out and about including some babies! More on them tomorrow.  🙂 

Bald Eagle Leaves Pine Tree

Bald Eagle Leaves Pine Tree

Bald Eagle Leaves Pine Tree

Bald Eagle Leaves Pine Tree

Bald Eagle Leaves Pine Tree

54 thoughts on “Afternoon Eagle Plus Bonus Alligator!

  1. Learning something about photography from Lucy in my beloved Lake District this week, so now I understand what a great composition the first picture of the eagle in particular is! What beautiful light you get there, Phil!

    • I moved over from where I was initially to take advantage of some natural framing Maggie, thank you for noticing.
      The sky was mostly overcast but we had some sun move in and out. Sometimes with eagles too much bright light is worse then cloudy conditions.

  2. Those are some awesome shots Phil!! I might ask you to send me one of those for a carving some day. I have not carved an Eagle yet.:):)

  3. He’s majestic! First photo looks like an arrangement (in terms of composition) that a painter might choose – it’s amazing you captured that! The second shot where he’s coming right at you – wow.

    Love the alligators. They look calm, serene, and just nice and floaty.

    • Well I let the eagle do all the hard work, picking out a nice branch in a pleasant setting then all I have to see is show up and grab a few shots. 😀
      Alright!! Some love for the alligators!! Glad you like to see my swampy friends! 🙂

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