Swamp Babies

By late morning yesterday it started to get fairly warm so I went over to the swamp hoping some alligators might be out doing their usual alligator thing. I had in mind the two babies that I saw last month but didn’t really expect to see them. I was a bit surprised to see one propped up on some reeds and other swamp vegetation, but was even more surprised to see another little head pop up under a leaf which it proceeded to wear like a tiny hat.

Next a third baby suddenly appeared and he went over to join the first one, but they were not done yet. Number four comes slowly creeping around and they start to form a nice little group in that one spot until our little hat wearer joins yet a fifth baby… then they all decide to clump together in one general area. Notice how the leaf remains undisturbed on the little guy’s head throughout the entire process.

I had a tough time trying to shoot this through the weeds and brush at the edge of the swamp, plus there seemed to be almost always something blocking a little face from being clearly viewed.

But in spite of all that, can you spot all five baby heads in the last photo? 

Baby Alligators in the Swamp

Baby Alligators in the Swamp

Baby Alligators in the Swamp

Baby Alligators in the Swamp

Baby Alligators in the Swamp

Baby Alligators in the Swamp

Baby Alligators in the Swamp

Baby Alligators in the Swamp

58 thoughts on “Swamp Babies

    • I think my wife has some ‘action’ photos of me doing that. 🙂 I had a very tough time trying to get a few clear shots of faces. Stupid reeds and branches kept jumping out in front of me.
      These little guys are fun, mom…I’m not so sure.

    • Oh it was a huge pain to try to get clear shots, there was always some reeds or branches jumping out in front of me.
      I wanted to scoop up a few of these guys and take ’em home. 😀

  1. Erm, this may sound strange, but I would love to be able to pick one of those little guys or girls up! Love that “hat”. These are really nice photos. Hope the little ones make it! You guys are so lucky to get to see them in person. They are very, very cute!

    • Oh that doesn’t sound at all strange, I always want to scoop up a few and take the little guys home. 😀
      We had record cold temps hit here Sunday and Monday so I hope they did OK, I’ll try to go look for them in a day or two.
      Glad you like the photos of the little tykes!

  2. They are simply adorable! Wonderful shots as usual, Phil. We’ll have to check with the Nature Center to find out what their chances are of making through the winter. We’re rooting for the little ones!

  3. I think I will use the word “cute” here! I especially like the one with the leaf over the eye… Mr. Incognito! I love the bubbly, green, glop they seem to emerge from! Excellent and intriguing photos, Phil! You’ve done it again!

  4. WOW!! Great shots Phil!! But, all of your photos are amazing. Mere words aren’t adequate. Yep, I picked out all 5 in the last pic!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful passion with us all!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Alyce!! Heading to PA for a week, when we get back, we need to get together!!

    • Thanks a million Sylvia, so glad you liked our cute baby brood! I had to really struggle just to get these shots too, they didn’t seem to want to cooperate as much as I would prefer. Some nerve right?! 🙂

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