The White Pelican Convention

This morning we were very surprised to see that the American White Pelican Convention was holding it’s December 1st. meeting in the marsh pond. There were 60-70 white pelicans all over the pond, sometimes clumped in groups, other times more spread out. It is uncommon for us to see even a few white pelicans but a group this size is a rare event.

Along with the pelicans there were groups of cormorants and various species of ducks, all of which is fairly normal. Then at one point a juvenile brown pelican showed up and seemed more then a little surprised to see so many birds that were kind of like him, but not exactly the same. 🙂 I also saw a bald eagle perched in a tall tree at the back edge of the pond and he never moved a bit. Perhaps he was trying to figure out just what these very large and very odd looking birds were.

We don’t know how long the convention will be in town but I do plan to check over there tomorrow in hopes they are planning an extended stay. 

White Pelican Convention

White Pelican Convention

White Pelican Convention

White Pelican Convention

White Pelican Convention

White Pelican Convention

White Pelican Convention

White Pelican Convention

White Pelican Convention

White Pelican Convention

41 thoughts on “The White Pelican Convention

  1. I love white pelicans!! My first ever real bird pictures were here in Florida in January in a place called Matlacha Pass on the West Coast. We saw a large least 70 or more..on a little mangrove island in the middle of the pass.I had a devil of a time sneaking up on them as they’d fly off at the slightest provocation. This was many cameras ago, first digital, and while I wish I’d had a better camera then, the photos are charged with great memories of an exciting shoot. Twas freezing too!! I can see why you’d want to visit again to see these funny looking but still elegant birds. Love these shots too!! Always!

  2. I love the contrasts in the first and last pictures and the action shots! What beautiful birds these are! Do they migrate? Is your part of the world warmer than where they are coming from, perhaps?

    • Thank you very much for checking these out Maggie and I’m happy you liked them.
      I don’t know where they came from, I think they are in many areas and places that are much colder then we are now but not sure if that is why there are here. I know they are happy with a pond full of fish though. 🙂

  3. I have never seen more than a singular Pelican . Amazing to see them forming what essentially looks like a round tabs discussion ! I always learn something from your Blog : )

    • I expect they are enjoying their stay here mostly because the pond is (was) stuffed with fish. A big group like this with help from cormorants could wipe out a pond fairly quickly I’m guessing.

  4. Wow that must be so beautiful to see in person Phil!!! I can understand why you go to look in your special places all the time. Janny would never see me if I was down there.:):)

    • Thanks a million Jeanne, so glad you enjoyed these pelican photos! I generally spend about two hours over there and may not go every day but there have been days when I have gone over three times in the same day. 🙂

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