Woody’s Big Muddy Score

Earlier this month I saw a wood stork snag a fish out of the salt marsh just as the setting sunlight was warming up the scene. Woody walked around, back and forth with his prize but muddied catch, before finally walking back behind the reeds to enjoy his meal in private.

Most herons and egrets will rinse off a fish that was dropped in the mud before eating it, but the wood storks are not quite that discerning. 

Woodys Big Muddy Score

Woodys Big Muddy Score

Woodys Big Muddy Score

Woodys Big Muddy Score

15 thoughts on “Woody’s Big Muddy Score

  1. Yikes, I thought he might gag, but I guess the size of that catch is the norm for these guys. Wow. Beautiful colors — love the oil slick reflection, including the fish!

  2. Great shots, especially the reflection photos. He must have an iron stomach as all that mud looks like it would give him an upset tummy. Then again, if he can digest raw fish bones and all, he should be okay.

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