Nice Splash

An osprey fishing in the marsh pond makes a huge splash but comes up empty on this attempt. He did make a really nice splash though. 🙂 

Osprey Splash

27 thoughts on “Nice Splash

  1. Have you ever published your photos in NG? This is an amazing photo, Phil!!! All of your photos are amazing in one way or the other, but here it is not about an exotic bird species or Mr. gator – it is about a wonderfully captured moment. I LOVE IT!!!

  2. I just love this picture, Phil! The detail is incredible and the whole effect absolutely stunning! Such a beautiful creature, one of my absolute favourites. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  3. One of the lessons of your blog recently seems to be that life as an osprey is hard: if you aren’t getting your fish stolen by a bald eagle, you’re getting all soggy with nothing to show for it!
    Amazing that one bird can make a splash that size.

    • Ah yes they do often seem to have a tough time of it, either missing a fish on a dive attempt, or losing it to an eagle pirate. But they do have success as well, today’s post is done with your thoughts in mind. 🙂

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