Of Course…They Don’t Always Miss!

Lately I have been posting photos of ospreys either diving down into the water and missing a fish, or…catching a fish and then getting jumped by an eagle who steals it. So I thought it would be a good idea to do the intrepid osprey a little justice and show one from earlier this week who not only caught a fish, but caught two! And got to keep them both!

Great job done by the skilled hunter on this mission! 

Osprey with two Fish

Osprey with two Fish

Osprey with two Fish

Osprey with two Fish

35 thoughts on “Of Course…They Don’t Always Miss!

  1. Great capture! He’s going to have a nice meal out of those two fish. Their feet and talons must be very strong. 🙂 Such nice detail, too.

  2. Given all your marsh stories, I don’t know what is more remarkable – that the osprey caught two fish or that he got to keep them both. The unremarkable part is you catching it all – just the amazing norm.

    • I’m wondering if the tactic here is that if you have *two* fish, you can toss one out to distract the attacking eagle as a counter measure and still have one left for yourself.
      Well I appreciate your kind comments and glad you enjoyed these photos!

  3. Yay! Although he’s not holding them at all the way he’s supposed too… Come on Mr. Osprey, you went to the trouble to evolve a unique foot among birds, and you’re not even going to face the fish into the wind properly? Sloppy.

    • He was probably so excited to have caught two fish on one dive he didn’t stop to think how he should be holding them. Of course since he has lost so many fish to the eagle, he is also likely ready to toss one or both anyway. 🙂

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