Just Another Beautiful Day In The Swamp

It started off being yet another unseasonably warm day so I thought there may be some alligators out in the swamp taking advantage of our current Spring like temps. I saw a few gliding along out in the clear water but when I checked in close I spotted this little guy making his way through the duckweed like he was on a mission.

I was a bit surprised to see one of our late babies still out and active at this time of year and I was interested to learn where he was going. Well it turned out he was headed over to his favorite log, (well for him it’s more of a stick) to relax and enjoy a pleasant day in the swamp! 

Baby Alligator in the Swamp

Baby Alligator in the Swamp

Baby Alligator in the Swamp

Baby Alligator in the Swamp

34 thoughts on “Just Another Beautiful Day In The Swamp

    • Glad you are back and also glad you are happy to see what our alligator friends have been up to.
      This little guy sure is cute isn’t he?! And I expect he would take a nip at me if I ever tried to pick him up.

  1. I love this little fella… just so long as I don’t have any like him in my neck of the woods!! I like that last shot especially… he has a “no-bull” look about him! Great shots, Phil!

    • Oh you would love to have a few around in your area, they are such fun! 😀 Well…especially when they are little and cute like this guy.
      He does look like mini king of the swamp in that last photo doesn’t he?!?

  2. Is just not the cutest little guy?! I love his colors. Really sweet series, and I’m glad he got to enjoy some warmth on his “log”! 🙂

    • He is super cute for sure and they often have those stripy colors when young. Quite attractive. 🙂
      I hope he warmed up nicely because it got cold later and then yesterday too, but today is right back to being warm again.

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