A Couple Of Jokers

Here are a few from of the hit cartoon series starring the always hilarious hooded mergansers! These two look like they’re telling jokes and they must be really funny ones because they sure seem to be cracking each other up. 🙂

You just have to love the hoodies! 

Two Jokers

Two Jokers

Two Jokers

Two Jokers

Two Jokers

Two Jokers

Two Jokers

36 thoughts on “A Couple Of Jokers

  1. Sono fortissime queste foto, sembra proprio che se la ridano alla grande dopo aver raccontato una barzelletta.
    Sei eccezionale Phil, le tue foto sono fantastiche e io sono un po’ invidiosa di queste belle foto 🙂

  2. Those are some gorgeous photos! I’d say you nailed those little jokers… great job! Thanks for sharing your talents, Phil!
    Take care,

  3. They look so happy – lovely pictures, Phil. There is a craze amongst the teenage boys in Great Britain at the moment for wearing their hair in an exaggerated quiff. They look just like the merganzers!

    • I never saw them behave quite like this before. There were some females around and I don’t know if this was a mating thing or a territorial thing or if they really were just goofing around. 🙂

    • Thanks Jeff, yes they are cool little guys for sure.
      The mergansers like most of the ducks (except for regular mallards) are basically winter visitors here. They show up once it gets a bit cold then will leave prior to Spring.

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