Just Passing By

Earlier this week I looked up just in time to see this white ibis come flying in from back in the salt marsh. I managed to click off one frame and one frame only, and this was it. Looking at the photo later I was taken by the elegant simplicity of the scene, combined with the peculiar yet extraordinary look of the bird. With that impossible long curved orange bill, bright blue eyes, and large white wings with black tips, the ibis is indeed a wonder of nature.

I often see ibis quietly going about their daily business but it’s worthwhile I feel to stop occasionally and take a moment to notice and enjoy the unique and interesting wildlife that can be found in nature. 

Ibis Afternoon Flight Across Salt Marsh

20 thoughts on “Just Passing By

  1. Great shot Phil. Amen to your comments.
    ” enjoying the unique and interesting wildlife that can be found in nature”…..that is a
    driving factor that causes me to reach for my camera.

    Gotta to get down your way. If I don’t go before years end it will be the first
    time in a good many years that I haven’t made it at least once a year.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks a million for your visit here Ricky and also your very kind comments, it’s greatly appreciated.
      Hope you can get down here soon. Although it has been fairly quiet, there is a pair of bald eagles that are occasionally active.

  2. Your photos always provide a moment to notice and enjoy the unique and interesting wildlife that can be found in nature. Can’t thank you enough for that.

  3. Love the background, as it makes the Ibis stand out so nicely. He is one of the odder looking birds, but beautiful in his way. What an unusual bill, long feet, and lovely tipped wings.

    • Yes they are indeed one of the more odd birds I see out there. In fact this afternoon I was watching a small group of ibis picking out small eels, fish and various marine crustaceans from the salt marsh at low tide. We don’t call ’em ‘Muddy Ibis’ for nuthin’. 🙂

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