Full Steam Ahead!

I went over to the swamp yesterday with the idea of looking for alligators and although I did see mom and a couple of her babies, they were tucked back deep in the reeds and were clearly not planning to make themselves available for photo ops.

As usual, there were quite a few coots out picking at the various aquatic vegetation not bothering anyone at all. However, I did take notice of this one coot that was floating quietly and basically minding it’s own business because I also saw that another coot was approaching rapidly from the side. I knew the first coot immediately noticed the advancing intruder because it whipped it’s head around to the left as the second coot came blasting in.

This bird was really moving and went into full pursuit mode in what I suspect was a territorial dispute. He launched himself up and out in a flying run across the water, and with a huge splash and managed to chase off his competitor who can be seen in the very bottom of the last photo as it rapidly departs the area. 

Coot Chase and Splash

Coot Chase and Splash

Coot Chase and Splash

Coot Chase and Splash

Coot Chase and Splash

34 thoughts on “Full Steam Ahead!

  1. That certainly does look territorial! And you captured it all so that one could feel the action! I can’t believe that last photograph, and all it shows. Nice stuff!

  2. We have noticed that the coots here in the UK can be very aggressive. Territorial disputes are common, and not just confined to other coots – they have a go at anything they consider to be in their territory!

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