Man Of Mystery

Just prior to sunset yesterday in the salt marsh, a great blue heron was striking a mysterious looking pose with just his face being lit by the last bit of sunshine falling on the reeds. 

Man of Mystery

50 thoughts on “Man Of Mystery

  1. Kind of nice ‘day is done, gone the sun’ feel to this…makes you wonder what all is happening at the marsh after night fall!! Bird looks very stately in that late day capture.

  2. That is a gorgeous photograph. The various tones are picked up in numerous ways. He is quite beautiful in this setting!

  3. Phil
    Because you are one of the blogs who inspired me with your work while I was feeling miserable, I wanted to give you the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Normally, I just don’t have the time to participate, but this year I felt I really wanted to thank some people for their friendship and being there!! You really do make me want to be a better photographer and I can’t help being inspired by your action captures!! So you transported me to that Carolina marsh and all of its doings when I need it most!!
    Here’s the link to my post if you want to have this award:

    Thanks again!!

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