Too Close

One of the standard wildlife photographer laments is that the subjects just are not close enough. I myself have been in that situation many times where I wish I could move in closer, I wish the animal would come in closer, or I wish I had a much longer lens.

However that was not the case yesterday afternoon when seemingly out of nowhere an osprey with a fresh caught fish came suddenly swooping in right over my head. The only problem for me was that he was too close! As you can see I clipped the wings off of the osprey with my camera lens as I was taking the overhead flight shots.

I suppose I can’t complain too much though, at least I did get an up close and personal view of a very cool bird! 

Osprey with Fish Too Close

Osprey with Fish Too Close

Osprey with Fish Too Close

Osprey with Fish Too Close

46 thoughts on “Too Close

  1. It must have been impressive to see the osprey flying so close carrying his fish catch of the day.
    When I saw the osprey in the first photo, I immediately wonderedg if he was considering dropping the fish on your head—just for fun. 🙂

    • It was a terrific experience to have this amazing bird fly right over me with it’s catch!
      I was happy however that it chose not to ‘bomb’ me with a yucky, bloody fish. 😯 🙂

  2. I would not complain too much…..the eye,beak and feather detail are great too…but I know you want it all.
    ….natural really. Enjoyed the images.

    • Yes I pretty much do want it all, I think it’s a photographer thing. 🙂 But since we all know that nature is rarely concerned with our photos we just continue on as best we can. 🙂 Glad you liked these photos!

      • I suppose it is for the best..what would happen if we so easily captured the perfect image, one that could never be bettered? I think we continue because we want to better ourselves. The challenge isn’t always outdoing the other photographer; its the challenge of securing a vision we might have. Not to discount serendipitous capturing of something great we did not imagine as that gets us out another day too.

        May 2014 be filled with fulfilled vision AND surprises only mother nature can deliver to your waiting lens!!

  3. What the WHAT?! Look at that! He almost fed you a fish. I guess he decided he would keep it and let you and your big gun-looking thing starve. This is amazing! I think a good and close shot was just what you needed that day. 🙂

  4. I know just what you mean about the animals not being in the camera range I would prefer. I now have a way to bring the birds to me! I am going to try it on marsh birds next year. I should have thought of it sooner too. I pine for a longer lens but my pocketbook keeps that from happening. Your shots are wonderful and you were lucky to have the osprey fly right over your head. I had a Red-tail do that once, but I did not not have my camera set fast enough. I was yapping to a friend as the day grew darker, and in comes this hawk…

    • This happens a whole lot more often then people would think, I have a ton of especially flight shots with clipped wings because so much of the wildlife comes in close where we are. I see people come in with HUGE lenses and I know they will often be wishing they brought something a bit shorter, or at least bring a second camera along.
      Talking is very often the cause of missing shots. 😉 🙂

    • It’s actually been a bit slow out there lately. I have often had to be content with just seeing cool stuff like an eagle battle, or baby alligators behind the reeds, and not get photos of it all.
      Glad you liked these osprey photos.

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