Surprise Visitor

This morning over at the marsh pond, we were surprised and treated to a visit by an American White Pelican! Earlier in the month we had a good size group of these big white birds visit the pond but today there was just this one. The pelican floated around in the pond for about an hour before finally flying off to it’s next destination.

In the flight photo you can see how impressive the wing span is of the white pelican. In the United States, it’s second only to the California Condor in terms of wing size.

We are hoping that this bird returns soon and brings along a bunch of friends! 

White Pelican Visits Marsh Pond

White Pelican Visits Marsh Pond

White Pelican Visits Marsh Pond

26 thoughts on “Surprise Visitor

  1. Beautiful shots of a great bird! We saw our first White Pelicans almost by accident last March while visiting Meritt Island, My wife spotted some White Egrets roosting in the trees, and we stopped for a closer look using our binoculars.. After a couple of minutes some very large White Birds took flight ,from that same area and several other groups joined them and started soaring using the thermals to gain altitude. What a beautiful sight as the Sun was reflecting off of those very large bodies and wings. About then, one lone Spoonbill crossed under them and continued on his way. We were not able to get any photos, but hopefully will always remember this. Thanks, great shots! Happy New Year!

  2. Phil, Think that I might have accidently hit the unsubscribe button for your website. Please disregard, as we really enjoy receiving your blog. . Thanks

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