In A Hurry

Seeing this cormorant burst up out of the salt marsh like his tail was on fire indicated to me that he had someplace important to be and needed to get there immediately! 

Cormorant In A Hurry

29 thoughts on “In A Hurry

    • They can’t blame me for the quality of the fish, the tide brings ’em in and takes ’em out. It’s up to the birds to pick out the nice ones. 😀 Thanks for checking this out!

  1. Firstly Happy New Year Phil, to you and all your family – this is right up my street the explosion of energy to get the cormorant airborne is something else – we have lots along our coast – I often watch them more graceful on top of the water and swimming versus flying – bursting in to the sky and crashing back on to the water. These shots are the type I look forward to the most from you – keep em coming please in 2014 – all the best Scott

    • Well I truly appreciate your very kind and thoughtful comments Scott, thanks very much!
      We have quite a few cormorants as well, sometimes too many. A large group of these guys can wipe out the fish population in a pond very quickly which gets some folks quite annoyed.
      So glad you liked this photo!
      Hope you have a great 2014!

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